1..2..6 Success Formula

Website & Webshop Complete

We named this package “Complete” because that’s exactly what it is. No extra costs per page, hour or add-on, you choose the design and functions best suited to your needs and pay one fixed price:

Website – €395,00
Webshop – €495,00

To make things even easier we developed the 1..2..6 formula. Just follow these 6 easy steps and we’ll get your website up and running within two weeks:

  1. Browse through and choose one of our designs.
  2. Pick the colours you’d like to use.
  3. Choose the letter type you’d like to see on your website.
  4. Add extra functionality to your site.
  5. Give us an idea of the pages you’d like your site to consist of.
  6. Tell us a little about your company/your vision/goals and send off the information.

Within 24 hours we’ll get back to you to confirm and discuss your website. Once we’ve received your content we’ll get to work building your site. You’ll receive a link to follow the process and have plenty of opportunities for feedback and revisions along the way. At the end of the second week your site will be ready to go live.

Read our FAQ below and if you don’t find an answer to your question just drop us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


What does the 1..2..6 formula consist of?

We see this formula as a tool to make the process of choosing the elements for your website a lot easier:

  • Simply follow the 6 easy steps.
  • Hit “Send”
  • We’ll contact you within 24 hours to discuss the details. Once we receive your content we’ll start with the build and your website will be ready to go live within 2 weeks.

Read more about Website/Webshop Complete

Is this process totally automated?

Yes and no.
The ordering process is fully automated from then on it’s “people work.” We appreciate and enjoy a close contact with our customers and find this leads to the best end result. The initial, online ordering proces gives us an idea of your vision, which is a great starting point for your personal preferences, ideas and questions.

So what's this 1 fixed price?

The 1 fixed price pertains to our Website Complete and Webshop Complete making use of one of our designs. The prices of which are respectively €395 and €495, excluding VAT.

If you wish to have a totally customised website, where we design according to your specific wishes the prices can be a little higher depending on the functionality you require. In this case we will offer you an exact quote before hand.

And the price of a webshop?

We offer webshops in 3 different categories:

  • Standard: Up to 20 products for €495,00
  • Silver: Up to 50 products €550,00
  • Gold: Unlimited products for €650,00
Are there any extra costs involved?

We believe in total transparency when it comes to our work methods and pricing. One fixed price means one fixed price!

Please be aware that you will need server space and a domain name for your website. Our prices are based solely on our displayed (web)design services, the costs of web hosting and domain registration are for the client.

If you’ve already registered your domain name and arranged hosting, we’ll install your website onto the server of your current host. If you haven’t arranged this we’ll be happy to to advise you on web hosting and domain registration services.


If I place an order am I bound by it?

Definitely not.
After we’ve received your order we will contact you to discuss the details. Only after you’ve confirmed your order and we’ve discussed the details will your order be finalized.
See our terms and conditions for more information

Do I have to choose from the offered designs?

No not at all.

We can build your website from scratch according to your personal vision. It’s possible that the price is slightly higher than our Website Complete this depends on the time and functionality necessary for your website.
You can however be assured of an agreed (and binding) price beforehand, top quality and a low price.

Can I maintain my site myself once it's online?


Your website comes with an easy to use CMS with instructions that will allow you to make the necessary changes to your website yourself.

And if I don't want to maintain my site myself?
We offer maintenance plans to help keep your site secure and up to date.
You can choose from one of the following

– Updates, security and 1 hour of website work a month: €19,95
– Updates, security and 2 hours of website work a month for €24,95.

It’s possible to request changes to your website on an hourly basis for €29,95 per hour (€24,95 if you are on one of our maintenance plans) with a minimum of 2 hours.

Read the details of our plans

Who is responsible for updates?

We make use of the WordPress platform so as to offer a trustworthy and robust framework with CMS for our clients. Your site will be automatically updated to the newest version of WordPress.

If you don’t have a maintenance plan then you are yourself responsible for keeping plugins and theme up to date.

What are the benefits of a maintenance plan?

There are many benefits to subscribing to one of our maintenance plans, site security being the most obvious.

We keep your site up to date and secure, giving hackers little chance to penetrate your site. We’ll also host your site (free of cost!) on our super fast server.

See all the benefits of our plans

Do you offer hosting?

Yes we do and it’s free when you subscribe to one of our maintenance plans!

If your website is currently hosted elsewhere and you’d like to sign up with us we’ll move your site over to our server free of cost.

To ensure the security of our server we do not accept hosting requests from non-subscribers.

Can you register my domain name?

Yes we can register your domain name for you, the cost of registration is however not included in the price of your website.

Sign up for one of our maintenance plans and we’ll give you the first years registration for free!

Do you supply content for the website?

No you are responsible for supplying the text and images to be used on your website.

We can help you out with links to (free) image repositories.

Can I download and use images from google?
Google images is often misinterpreted, while all the photos are free to browse online they can however not be used on your website, most are copyrighted and you will need a license to use them.

We can provide you with links to websites that have copyright free images that you can download free of cost.

Does my website include SEO?
While we adhere to the basic principles of SEO while building a website it is not further optimised for search engines due to the great amount of time entailed in market research and the setting up of good SEO.

We do install a SEO plugin so you can optimise your website yourself.

We also offer a SEO package for extensive SEO work.

Read more about our SEO Service


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Logo 1..2..6 Designs